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The Values we teach in our Yoga Intelligence Program for Early Education have passed the test of time. Throughout the world, regardless of religious and cultural differences, these values are central to how well we function as individuals and communities.

RESPONSIBILITY: Understanding that the actions we take can impact our own well being, the wellbeing of others, and even the environment.

CIVILITY: Learning that no individual exists in isolation leads to the cultivation of personal behaviours that extend beyond each individual, benefiting not only ourselves but the communities and ecosystems in which we live.

COMPASSION: Recognising our ability to empathise with, and aid, those less fortunate than ourselves.

RESPECT: We can learn from the wisdom and experience of others.

INTEGRITY: Learning the importance of aligning actions and words with your values. This often requires truthfulness and consistency in our actions.

RESILIENCE: The ability to cope with setbacks or adversity.

GRATITUDE: Our ability to appreciate and be thankful for what we have, or are given.

COURAGE: The ability to overcome our fears with grace and not be intimidated by the unknown.

HUMILITY: teaches us self worth, without the need to openly display it to others.

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